Stew Chase Comments

2006 - From Allison Black of Seabrook, NH.........

I ran the Great Stew Chase yesterday. I have run well
over 100 races in the past few years and have very
high standards for the organization and implementation
of a race. Often, I am left at the end of a race with
a number of pieces of constructive feedback to pass
along to the race directors. However, this time, I
have nothing but GREAT things to say about the race!!!
As the person who came in last (though the results
said someone finished after me...I never saw him...did
he have an early start?) I was absolutely thrilled by
how warmly welcomed I was by the volunteers along the
way. They never made me feel bad about being last. They took great care of me! They were very attentive
and helpful. I've been to other races where the water
stop is packed up before I get there. Though I did
jokingly tell the people staffing the water stop at
mile 2.5 to "wait for me" at mile 7, I knew they would
be there just the same. You assembled a phenomenal group of volunteers--kudos!
Also, I loved being able to get my race number ahead
of time in the mail. What a nice feature of this
The course is just challenging enough (though getting
to Wendy's for someone like me who is recovering from
an injury was a bit tough!). The stew was excellent, and I love how they pre-wrap a
brownie and a roll for you! What service!
PLEASE pass along my thanks to the folks at Briarcliff
for allowing us to use their restrooms. This is such
a huge help. I thanked the staff member there in
person many times, but I don't think they can be
thanked enough for letting us use their building!
I also love that you have the OPTION of paying extra
for a sweatshirt and hat. Personally, I love the race
clothing, but I know some runners could do without. Anyway, I wanted to say THANKS for such a great race! Your race should serve as a role model for many other
Alison Black
Seabrook, NH
PS--I ran this race before but the last time I ran it
I was injury-free and a bit faster. I think what made
the race stand out for me this year is that even
though I was much slower, the volunteers were still
there for me in full force with full energy!