Wiener Run Race Course

Wheel measured - June 2000


Start 6 feet short of the first tree between the Vesper Circle and the Center heading towards the center.

Run through the center to Loop of Morris then Mudge.

 (R) Through the start, Asbury Ave. past the barn.

 (L) Highland St.

1 mile – 288 Highland St. – left edge of driveway.

 (L) into Bradley Palmer through the iron gate.

2 miles – about 30 feet after the iron gate.

Continue straight on the tarred road.

3 miles – 34 yards after left path (37 yards after 2nd white crossing mark)

(L) At intersection of roads inside the park.

(L) At entrance onto Asbury St. (Ipswich)

4 miles – At post # 355 on right near the top of the hill.

5 miles – Driveway opp tennis court of Patton Estate.

6 miles – Asbury St and Sharon Road – 8 yards before post #1107.

(R) Skinner Ave. (back entrance to Grove)

Finish at telephone pole in front on the Coffee Shop in the Center.